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In December 2018 UTM presidential candidate Saulos Klaus Chilima (SKC) told the nation that he had uncovered an assassination plot in which he was being targeted by brutal elements within the DPP Government.

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Why DPP government wants to weaken Chilima's security
In December 2018 UTM presidential candidate Saulos Klaus Chilima (SKC) told the nation that he had uncovered an assassination plot in which he was being targeted by brutal elements within the DPP Government.
Government authorities dismissed the claims as baseless. However, the manner in which the DPP government is working very hard to weaken and reduce Chilima's security detail, one is left with no choice but agree there is an element of truth in what Chilima is saying.
Since Chilima left the DPP party, his security apparatus has been tempered with on several occassions. Recently government removed one of the officers from his security team and a vehicle for no apparent reason.
The intention is to expose Chilima to the government's brutal elements and put his life at risk. Its important to remember this is not the first time for DPP to ill-treat and put at risk the life of a serving vice president after a fall out. They did the same with Joyce Banda and she was nearly murdered when her vehicle MG 2 was hit by a track in Lilongwe.
In another cowardly act, the DPP government and their puppet Inspector General tried to harrass Chilima security personnel for their loyalty to the vice president. Security personnel that were removed from SKC but refused redeployment, were summoned to a mickey mouse disciplinary hearing. Fortunately the court saw through the ruse and put a stop to this brazenly act of harrassment by declaring the disciplinary hearing farce and contemptuous. Subsequently, the disciplinary hearing will now not take place.
This is consistent with the DPP's dark reputation for victimizing and killing people percived to be a their critics and threats to their stay in power. Remember Robert Chasowa and the killing in cold blood of the 20 civilians in Mzuzu.
*But why exactly is Chilima being targeted*
It is clear the DPP government considers Saulos Klaus Chilima (SKC) as their Kryptonite. Meaning he has special power and ability to weaken and destroy the DPP party and it's frail president Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM).
This explains why the DPP has subjected Chilima to alot of victimization, hostility and ill-treatment since he left the blue party. The DPP has used every trick in the persecution book in a desperate attempt to gag and shut down Chilima but to no avail.
Since SKC left DPP to form UTM the blue party has hit rock bottom. Chilima has fearlessly exposed corruption deeply entrenched in the DPP which has resulted in the now famous euphemism, Apumbwa, in reference to thieving politicians within the government.
Chilima exposed the corruption at Escom where 3.8 million litres of diesel worth K1.9 billion went missing through a syndicate of corrupt politicians.
Chilima also challenged responsible authorities to investigate officials from the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) and State Residences over their alleged roles in the award of a contract in the procurement of Escom generators to the fourth bidder instead of the successful bidder.
Not only that but since Chilima took a tough stance to expose corruption, we have witnessed statling revealations of how whole president Peter Mutharika has been a beneficiary of corrupt transactions using the Police and Asian businessmen. ACB had this investigation in their locker but were unable to effect arrests until pressure from elsewhere.
It is clear, Chilima has knocked DPP from their perch through his crusade against apumbwa and corruption. Chilima has also helped open the eyes of Malawians to see their corrupt leaders for what they are. Chilima is DPP and APMs Kryptonite. He will be their death.
This is why there these attempts to silence him. Before now the DPP has also trimmed Chilima's budget to prevent him from reaching out to people. They have removed the Disater Prepardeness Department from Chilima. The reason behind is to reduce Chilima's visibility.
Through the disaster preparedness department Chilima reached out to many Malawians affected by climate change and disease outbreaks. He had become (and still is) a man of the people because he would put on boots and walk on foot to reach out to victims in remote rural areas where no vehicle, no leader, has been to before. There, Chilima went and showed the victims they have a leader who cares.
This did not sit well with the DPP as it made Chilima more popular with people at the grassroots so they decided to remove him from the ministry. Any to silence Chilima. But all these attempts have only served to strengthen and amplify Chilima's reputation among Malawians
Patrick Fabian Achino God is watching what DPP is doing in JESUS name nothing will happen to him
Winston Chakanyuka God is great. Chilima will not face any evil from blue camp coz he is protected by mighty GOD.
Mo Maseko I will vote for this great son of Malawi.I and my family we love you SKC
Trehen Ïkizz He will be protected by almighty living God ,samukwanisa anthu oipawa
Misheck Masimo That's true it's only a few months God will help us don't give up chilima basi
Calvin Japhet The Lord is watching few months to go lets just wait
Asher Martins Can't wait Chilima's promotion from being a Veep to President on 23rd May 2019.
Zinapanga Kusanache Apumbwa will face explosion diarrhoe this year mpedzepedze.
Hackbath Yendayenda God never fails god protect him til elected as President of Malawi

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Trehen Ïkizz God will protect him
Vybz Dre Mwakhwawa #Franckly speakin boss, shut out to u

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