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Four Malawians killed in Mozambique

Four Malawians killed in Mozambique

Four Malawians have been killed while three others suffered gun shot wounds after they were attacked by soldiers in Mozambique.
The Malawians, who were 24 in total, were travelling to South Africa in a lorry using a route that passes through Mozambique.
There is unrest in Mozambique

The 17 Malawians who survived violent attacks have since returned to Malawi.
“Currently we have received 17 Malawians and all the people whom we have registered are from Mangochi and Machinga districts,” said spokesperson for Mwanza border Sergeant Pasqually Zulu.
According to Zulu, the bodies of the Malawians who were shot dead will arrive in the country soon.
The Immigration Department has since advised Malawians who travel to South Africa to follow recommended routes to avoid being attacked.

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