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DonaldTrump has said that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni belongs in prison and not State House.

Donald Trump: Museveni belongs in Prison, not State House, Ugandans are cowards

Donald Trump: Museveni belongs in Prison, not State House, Ugandans are cowards

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By Morris Green
Top US republican presidential hopeful DonaldTrump has said that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni belongs in prison and not State House.
Speaking in South Carolina while vying for the hearts and minds of South Carolina voters, he blamed the of Ugandans for not standing out to fight for their democratic rights.
Trump also termed the recently concluded Ugandan election a monumental mess and a joke of the year. The GOB hopeful reiterated his recent words that should he ascend to the throne, he’ll arrest Uganda’s despot Museveni and his grandfather President Robert Mugabe and lock them in prison.
“Sometimes I think Kenyans are ‘a little braver because when their vote was stolen, they stood tall and gave their lives for the sake of their country. Ugandan people are cowards. They are easily dispersed by a single teargas canister and their votes are stolen. Museveni belongs to prison and not State House” Said Trump.
I watched them run around like sheep when they see the police. The only true Ugandan patriot is the opposition leader Dr. ‘Kazza Basija’ – as he struggled to announce it. There was no election in Uganda and Museveni knows that”

  1. Why can’t you think about the American Economical situation instead of Africa? You killed the Africa heros like Ghadafi, Lumumba and so on but you are not sutisfied still you want to kill more people. you putted som in jail by saying that they where the dectators, but what am not understanding in that they dictate in their own contries why doesn’t people their in their contries call them for dictetors untill you said it? the end of all in near God of heaven is taking control now on this Museven you will fail. you will never kill him untill the Lord God of heaven say it. America is not God you Trump you are not God and you will do nothing. Go and mind your own busness we african we are tired of what you people you are doing..you took us as slaves mistreated us killid us, steal our propriety, putted conflic between us but you forgot one thing, you forgot to killed all of us so that you can be free of acting but as long as same of us are still alive we will just overcome this situation as we overcame the slavery….
    • Shut up and swallow. Museveni is a dictator like his grandfather. And when did Trump kill those other dictators that you mentioned?
    • The Americans and trump could be wrong but abuse of democracy is unacceptable. Democracy is about the majority having their way and letting minority have their say.
  2. yes its true Ugandans r cowards bt we r tied of this man called museven bt a few can’t asses change we all Ugandans mid to make an effort its our country our rights our democracy
  3. I totally agree with Donald TRUMP. I said so just after Museveni very shameful victory. Ugandans are to blame themselves. This man has been in power for more than 30 years, yet, Ugandans are trying to justify this shameful act with some rational explanations. We Africans are useless people. We Africans like to take advantages of other peoples’ struggle around the world. By other peoples I mean Asians, Europeans, Latin Americans and West Indians. Postcolonial Africa is the world cradle of humanity of VERY NEGATIVE DICTATORS in contrast with East and South East Asians’ POSITIVE DICTATORS who were able to industrialise and modernise their respective countries in less than 30 years (e.g. Japan with the Meiji Revolution, Park Chung-hee of South Korea, the socialist Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, Dr Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia, Chiang Kai-shek of Taiwan, Suharto of Indonesia and lately China with her Open Doors Policy. Very soon it will be the communist Vietnam and Cuba. And will happen, within the 5-10 years from now, Africans will flood Cuba in search for better life. Angolans, Congolese-Kinshasa, Congolese-Brazzaville, Equatorial Guineans, Rwandans, and so on will emulate Ugandans’ very shameful experience by letting Eduardo Dos Santos, Joseph Kabila ( since 2001 after 32 years of kleptocratic Lumumbist Mobutu Sese Seko), Sassou Nguesso, Obiang Nguema, Paul Kagame. We Africans are shameless people. We should remember that the Russian people lost 26 million people (26 000 000) during WWII in order to defeat Adolf HITLER and the NAZI. Yet Angolans, Ugandans, Congolese-B, Congolese-K, etc… can be found in Russia looking for jobs.
  4. Trump, have shortly forgotten that as you talk an African man is your President for two consecutive terms? You are really as short sighted as your thinking. Leave Africa settle its own political and democratic affairs. Look more dictatorial than Museveni and your campaign behaviors shows. I think Americans may suffer under your regime if you came to power. Be give African boys to manage you Americans.
  5. This guy Trump is hell of a joker…what makes him think that he can come all the way to arrest people in Africa?? Yes Museveni and Mugabe are wrong n have let down their people and country but there are ways to handle such cases through the right people. Trump should wake up from his own cocoon and stop being naive…I think all that wealth he has, has blinded him into thinking he can do what he wants and get away with it just like the two leaders bye is condemning
  6. For one to agree with Trumps statements, has to first fight perception of his personality and misconception of his statements. I have followed Trumps statements, and to me he is a man who speaks his mind and he speaks the truth. when i watch people contest his opinions which is normal in diplomatic arguements, i also see a crowd of people who are pleased by lies Not the truth.
    Trump is right to say and sight long serving African Presidents ,because even Museveni himself during the swearing in Ceremony of 1986 had this to say – The Problem of Africa is leaders who over stay in Power. So if Trump becomes the next president of the USA and he comes for Museveni and Mugabe, i will just say he is right and Museveni will have No one to blame but his own statement which he made when he was still a crusader of Liberty and Freedom before he has depreciated this far.
  7. People stop believing everything you read online. Trump never said any of these. Every time someone wants to get some attention they write that trump said it.
  8. Trump is still an amateur in African politics, so let him do watever camz across his mind after all he is never in possession of his full mental faculty.

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