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Dzimbiri says Dr Chilima has proved most brainy leader among all these aspiring presidential candidates in the forth coming elections this 21May.

Dzimbiri says Dr Chilima has proved most brainy leader among all these aspiring presidential candidates in the forth coming elections this 21May.
He says within few months of his party presidency, Dr Chilima has attracted jealousy like no any other party president before. Every political presidential rally has heard his name mentioned as a way of malice against him while for him he goes around condemning the vices in the national governance arena and ways out of Malawi's predicaments. It is making him more to most unique. He can strategize better way forward for Malawi more than all.
All his political opponents have had a time of exposure of their evil plans of confusing him to lose focus to their advantage. So many cheap propagandas are being seen deviced only to bounce on well informed, decided and made aware Malawians. Is it not proving futile? Let's observe once more.
Dr Chilima's most strength is educating everyone from leaderships to followerships. He is only one seen capable of translating theoretical democracy to practicality in Malawi a thing that the democratic leaderships in Malawi have always failed ; but minding mostly their maintaining being in power.
During the recent presidential debate, it was loud and clear to see that some individual takes other Malawians not deserving these universal rights, still trying to make Malawians believe that not every Malawian deserves respect for his or her human rights that are just universal.
Dzimbiri expressed observation that other political parties have learnt a lot from Dr Chilima's interpretation and translation of democracy even though they are still failing to respect Dr Chilima's right to be rewarded , appreciated for his waking them up from their slumber.
Dr Chilima is the only one who has proved most committed and smartest politically. UTM manifesto is the only one reflecting Malawi's current critical issues and way of addressing them even though other quarters would claim that they are first producers of such a manifesto, it's doubtful if not obvious that the issue to do with removal of immunity of the sitting president from criminal prosecution has never been seen in the UDF manifesto just an instant example.
According to Dzimbiri, it is obvious that Malawian intellectuals and others can balance up the role being played by Dr Chilima being so realistic looking at the shocking levels of effects of poverty in Malawi.
Only the selfish shall never appreciate tsogolo lathu philosophy.
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  • Wisdom Mwamsamali With due respect I just want to say: The removal of immunity from the Presidency while it looks good may not be as good when it comes into practice. Let's look at both sides of the coin. This could be subject to abuse by any opposition side of the time just to frustrate the good efforts of any future incumbents after this law of immunity is repealed. Such that the President would be more occupied with responding to law suits than development plans for the nation. It's we, the common people that will lose the benefits which that incumbent will have had in store for us. But it's my view that the only best remedy is for any incumbent at a particular time to avoid engaging in issues that are inconsistent with his position.
    • United Transformation Movement - UTM Rule of law and social justice according to Malawi's judicial stand would have it as always that such prosecution would obviously go with substantial evidence hence no such subjection to abuse in accordance to here in expressed your respectable observation. Thanks
  • Maunde Jawadu Osman Osman Dzimbiri eat money form Chilima that's why he have right to say so,sometimes u might see both side his a vice president of the nation but still today he do nothing into nothing, so what are u trying to tell us?
  • Leme Thawani A genius full of ingenuity

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