quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2015

More Than 900 Streets, Squares, Alleys & Bridges Are about To Change Names in Beira, Mozambique

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clubofmozambique(2015-10-29) The place-name profile of Beira city is about to change radically. Street and place names are to be changed as a result of a decree approved by the Council of Ministers which grants more local autonomy in the naming of roads, bridges, public spaces and other infrastructure.

According to Tuesday's Diário de Moçambique, published in Beira city, capital of Sofala province, Frelimo members of the Beira Municipal Parliament and supporters gathered on Tuesday to discuss the new law and collect proposals for names to replace those that do not relate to Mozambique.

Another purpose of the meeting was to collect proposals for news names. The idea is to replace those names in the current toponymy that do not relate to Mozambican citizens by others that are part of the history of the country in different fields, such as sports, culture, education or any other areas.

Asked whether Frelimo had already chosen names, Antonio Pensado Domingos, head of the Frelimo bench, replied in the negative, saying that the discussion would be more broadly based.

After that, and following verification of the names submitted, they would be brought to a parliament session for deliberation.

However, that will not be the end of the process, as the new names approved must still be submitted to the Council of Ministers (Cabinet).

Source: AIM

Photo: All Travels / Arereal View of downtown Beira, caital of Sofala central province

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