Xu Jinghua (Sam Pa)
Does Xu Jinghua (Sam Pa) hides the money of José Eduardo dos Santos?
By Prof. N'gola Kiluange

Who really is Xu Jinghua (Sam Pa)? 
The son of a original Chinese Revolutionary, well connected, Xu Jinghua has several names, among others: Sam Pa, Sampa, Samo, Sam King, Sa Muxu, Xu Songhua, Xu Jinghua, Ghui Ka Leung.

With José Eduardo dos Santos, Jinghua frequented an ex-military academy of the KGB in Baku (capital of Azerbaijan), in the end of the decade of 1960.

During the civil war in Angola, Jinghua was directly connected to the department of Chinese intelligence and facilitated the delivery of secret services of arms and weapons to the MPLA, in the name of the Chinese Communist Government.

He was always seen at the side of the Russians has a consultant in the neighbourhood of Futungo of Belas, Miramar and the airport military of Luanda, as per the confirmation of one of the more direct collaborators of General Helder Viera Dias “Kopelipa,” who asked for his name not to be divulged.

His involvement in the Civil War in Angola was so lucrative to the point that Jinghua publicly claim that is slice of cake in the construction of Angola was worth more than US$ 30 Billion Dollars.

After the assassination and death of Dr Jonas Savimbi, Dos Santos gave to Jinghua “obscure contracts” of construction in Angola, allowing him to in a short period of time to open several real-estate and civil construction companies in China, where he created the following companies: China Steel 20 (Zhongtie 20), Guangxi Guangxi (construction and engineering, water and electricity), Sichuan Nanchong, Sichuan Uingshan, Fuikan Ningde e Jinghend International.

Jinghua has a  Diplomatic Passport of Angola, and has acted as an intermediary of sale of the Cabinda and Angolan petrol to the Chinese Government: he buys the crude oil at US$50 per barrel and sells it at the daily market price. For example if a crude oil barrel costs US$90, less US$50, immediately there is a profit of US$40. With whom does Jinghua shares the profits with?

Cheap work force from china is also a lucrative business for Jinghua, that through China Sonangol and other companies by him created, he brought to Angola more than 270,000 Chinese ex-prisoners. Generals and High Ranking Officials in the Angolan Regime also benefit from this “business.”

Xu Jinghua was also able to create the following companies China Sonangol International Holding Ltd, Endiama China International Holding Limited, Sonangol Sinopec International Limited, Dayuan International Development Limited, Sonangol Asia Limited e New Bright International Development Limited.

The sad thing about all this, is that no one knows the presumed share that the Angolan partners (through the Angolan Regime)
have in the partnerships with this companies. State secret?

Recently, the Company China Sonangol was accused of trafficking diamonds in Zimbabwe, but Wee Jee Kin, Chief of Juridical Services, recognised that the company only has business in the mines of Catoca, as per 100Reporters.com.

In reference with a report by 100Reporters.org, at lease once a month, a private jet Aibus 319CJ, registered as VP-BEX, takes of from Lanseria International Airport, Code: HLA (Johannesburg, South Africa), with the flight path of Harare, Luanda, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The airplane that transports Xu Jinghua (Sam Pa), who goes to those places to get those diamond parcels raw uncut... "the aircraft is supposedly granted access to the South African space without having any inspection of cargo", informs us the report. As per a Security Specialist of private security in South Africa, the airplane landed in Luanda without registering in the local system.

He is involved in several criminal processes in Hong Kong, Xu Jinghua is involved in illicit business activities in Angola, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Venezuela, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Guinea Equatorial, etc.

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By Lucy Corkin